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October Newsletter

Christ's Victory Over Death is Our Greatest Victory

When I came to you, brothers and sisters, announcing the mystery of God to you, I did not come with brilliance of speech or wisdom. I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. - 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 (CSB)


Now, the Apostle Paul WAS a gifted speaker. He went to the best schools, ranked top of his class, he rose to the top of his field. Then he met Jesus in a dramatic way that changed his life forever.


Paul sacrificed everything he had acquired to spread the Good News of Jesus to as many people as possible. He traveled all over the known world planting churches and speaking to crowds who had never heard of Jesus. God worked in mighty ways to change hearts and bring many to faith.


But Paul wasn’t about promoting himself. Paul’s life was all about making Jesus Christ known.


Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Christ is a title. It means “anointed one”. It’s another word for Messiah, or Savior.


Crucifixion was an especially cruel, torturous way to die. The Romans, whose empire conquered the entire known world, not only knew how to win wars, but how to keep their conquered subjects from rebelling. Traitors and revolutionaries were routinely crucified – hung on crosses on busy streets to announce to everyone what happens to those who fail to submit to Rome’s authority.


Paul claims to know only Christ and Him crucified. So we have a bit of an oxymoron here.

An oxymoron is a contradiction in terms: small crowd, seriously funny, pretty awful, awfully pretty. You can have a Messiah, a Savior, or, you can have a crucified guy – he came, he saw, he lost, he died. It’s over. Rome eliminated him. But Paul here declares we have a crucified Savior;

a defeated Redeemer – who is actually victorious!


Has Paul lost his mind? Or is there something deeper that means more than what we see on the surface? When Jesus died on that cross, every one of His followers were devastated. Not one saw this coming – even though Jesus told them He would be handed over, mistreated and killed – and on the 3rd day rise. They didn’t get it. They understood victory on one plane – one level, and dying on a cross was not part of it.


Jesus’ enemies thought it was over. The devil, who convinced Judas to betray Jesus, thought he had defeated the Savior of the world. Death is a pretty compelling loss. But Jesus HAD to die – in order to save us. For Jesus to truly be our Messiah, He HAD to face the cost of our sin – our indifference to God, our insistence on having our own way. The penalty for sin is death; eternal death. Jesus – who is the eternal God in-the-flesh – actually suffered and died to do what we could never satisfy ourselves, that is, pay for the sins we have committed before a holy God.


So God came to earth – as a human being – just like us, but who perfectly obeyed God – even to the point of dying an excruciating and humiliating death on a cross; even to the point of being a “loser”, so we could win – so we could find forgiveness in this crucified Messiah. By His death, we find life, by His wounds, we are healed. We find His strength in our weakness.


This life is like a movie in a theatre that we enjoy for a time. But when this movie ends, and the house lights turn on and we get up and step out into the real world, we will understand why coming to know Christ as Savior NOW is all important, so we receive His forgiveness and new life in His name – a life that will endure for all eternity in the Presence of Jesus and all who trust in Him. In a very real sense, Jesus is the biggest loser. In Him we find our greatest victory – His victory over sin, death and hell. Trust Him as your Savior.

Because He lives,

Dave Meckley, Pastor

Bible Study Turns to Ruth


Sunday evening Bible Study is now focusing on the Book of Ruth. The study with Pastora Dave takes place at 6 p.m. each Sunday for one hour in the church basement. All are invited to join. There will be one exception this month: There will be no Bible Study Oct. 7.

Confirmation Class meets


The confirmation class will meet a 4 p.m. every Sunday in October excpt Oct. 7. Four young people are enrolled in Pastor Dave’s class.

Guest Speaker on Oct. 7


Rev. Andrew Camenga, pastor of the German Seventh Day Baptist Church at Salemville, will be the guest minister on Oct. 7, while Pastor Dave is on vacation. Pastor Camenga has preached here previously and was well received. Brad Gable will be worship leader. 



St. John’s Consistory will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 11 in the copy room.

Communion To Be October 14

The sacrament of Holy Communion will be administered on Sunday, Oct. 14, during the 9:30 a.m. worship hour. It will be served by intinction. Please go forward via the center aisle and return to the pews via the side aisles.

Traditional Salad Supper Set for Oct. 4


Thursday, Oct. 4, at 6:30 p.m. is the date and time for the traditional Salad Supper held by the Guild. “All are welcome! Bring family and friends!” declared Beth Clark, committee chairman.


Guild members are asked to bring their favorite salad. Beverages will be provided.


Beth and her committee will present a program.


Women of the Cove Forge United Methodist Church have been invited. Members with children are invited to bring them along.


The guild officers did not schedule an October meeting since the Salad Supper and Harvest Home service are both in October. The next meeting is Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. It is the annual cookie exchange. Beth Clark and Berneta Gable are the hostesses. Deb Bowser has the program.

Operation Christmas Child Campaign Begins


Barb Thomas is chairing Operation Christmas Child. Please prayerfully consider filling one or two shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world. Many children who receive a Christmas shoebox are followed up with a 12-lesson discipleship program sponsored by Samaritan's Purse.


Please see Barb for shoeboxes (you may use your own), labels and general instructions. You will choose either girl or boy, and age groups 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. A $9 donation must be included in each box to cover shipping and handling charges. (If the $9 donation is a hardship for your family, please see Beth Clark, guild treasurer, privately. The guild voted to pay the shipping costs for those who request the help.) Boxes must be at the church no later than Sunday, Nov. 12, for Barb to transport to a local drop off location.

Choir Begins Practice for Christmas


If you haven't joined the Christmas choir and would still like to, see Barb Thomas. Anyone in addition to regular choir members is welcome to join us as we prepare for our annual Christmas program on Dec. 16.


We practice each Monday evening from 6:30 to 7:30. Regular choir practice follows this. More details on the program and the involvement of the children, youth and adults will come in the November newsletter. Please mark your calendars and invite family, friends, co-workers, etc. to attend “St. John's Reformed Church Christmas Praise!”

Harvest Home Service, Carry-In Meal Oct. 21


St. John's Reformed Church annual Harvest Home service will be held on Sunday, Oct. 21 at 10:45 a.m. Times for Sunday school and worship are flipped for this event. Sunday School will be 9:30. The worship service will be followed by a covered dish meal, which may be kept warm in a kitchen oven or chilled in the refrigerator during the morning.


The Women's Guild is in charge of kitchen arrangements, coffee and beverages, paper products, silverware, table set-up, decorating the sanctuary and engaging a speaker. The guild will provide a “harvest table” at the front of the sanctuary where persons are encouraged to place generous donations of canned goods, staples (flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, etc.), produce and monetary gifts that will be given to the Northern Bedford Food Pantry. A long-standing tradition, Harvest Home recognizes God's Hand in our abundant bounty of crops and gardens as we are blessed to be a blessing to others.


Myra Whysong-Krentz will be our speaker at the 10:45 service. Myra is a life-long resident of Pavia, Pa., where her family owned and operated the local general store. After graduation from Chestnut Ridge High School she attended Shippensburg University, where she turned her love of mathematics and working with people into a career teaching secondary mathematics. She has been a teacher at Forest Hills High School for the past 37 years. Myra earned National Board Certification in Secondary Mathematics and a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


Myra is the widow of Richard Whysong and Frank Krentz. She is the mother of a daughter, Katie, and has one grandson, Lemmy. She is a member of Mt. Zion Reformed Church of Pavia where she serves as an elder, Sunday School teacher, Bible school director and Willing Worker. Myra is also involved as an officer of the Ladies Fellowship of the 4-Cs, planning fall retreats together with Barb Thomas for the past 12 years. It is here that she has learned to know and love many of the women of St. John's Reformed Church. All members are urged to come and bring family and friends to this special service.


Children’s Fall Festival in Morning, Hay Ride after Meal


A fall crafts and fun festival for children will be held during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday School hour. Sisters Alaina Gates and Connie Ochoa are planning the activities. A hay ride is planned for early afternoon, following the fellowship meal. A volunteer is needed for tractor driver

Harvest Home
Salad Supper

Consistory To Call Special Congregational Meeting

St. John’s Consistory would like to replace the plexi-glass that protects our stained glass windows and serves as storm windows. The years and weather have taken their toll on them. The calking around them is old and drying out. Painting of the window frames needs to be redone. Here is the catch: it is an expensive fix. The consistory has been considering bids to get the job done and to date the lowest bid we have received is $13,000, which covers everything that is needed. We are waiting for one final bid. Church by-laws state that the consistory cannot spend more than $3,000 without the approval of the congregation. Before we can have a special congregational meeting the purpose of the meeting must be announced three times in church. We have announced it two times already. The date of the meeting will be announced in church and in the bulletin after the consistory meets to review any new bids on Oct. 11.


The consistory’s last meeting was Sept. 14. The pastor reported he will begin a new members class soon. He reported four prospective new members will attend. The pastor also requested time off Oct. 3 – 9. Rev. Camenga will fill the pulpit on Oct. 7 with Brad Gable serving as the worship leader.


The pastor recommended supporting a new mission, The Forgotten Missionaries who spread the gospel in countries in the Middle East. He also reported that the CCCC is looking for someone to represent the MidAtlantic Region and is requesting churches in this region to give 2% of their budget to help with the finances. Both of these issues can be addressed at the annual congregational meeting in February.


Chris Kurtz has accepted the position of Sunday School teacher for the teen class. Congratulations Chris and thank you for offering your talents to help our young people!


Once again we are asking you to take a look at the gifts God has so richly given you. As our church continues to grow new opportunities become available for us to use the talents that God has blessed us with. The consistory is exploring the possibility of beginning a Children’s Church, however, we need someone to act as the leader. Is this something you are called to do? Take time to pray and seek guidance. Remember sometimes the things we don’t want to do, are the things we need to do.


We will be ordering new God’s Creation appointment wall calendars for Christmas.


The next meeting is Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the copy room in the basement. All are welcome to attend.

--Submitted by Joel Ritchey, Consistory President

Ladies Encounter to Hear Amy Carrol Oct. 16 in Roaring Spring 


On Sept. 8 Connie Ochoa met with the Ladies Encounter for their fall representative meeting. There are a few events coming up this fall that ladies (and gentlemen!) need to schedule on their calendars! In midOctober Amy Carrol of Proverbs 31 ministry will be speaking to the ladies. And ladies, this one is for you, so invite a friend for a fun evening. "Our lives hold endless potential, and they’re meant to be invested,” according to Amy, who will encourage all to evaluate their pursuits, “choosing what truly fulfills them instead of what leaves them empty."


Join us on Tuesday Oct. 16 at 7 p.m. at Faith Assembly of God, Roaring Spring. This is a different location for the first time. We pray the seats will be filled just the same! Ladies encounter is nondenominational and members unite on the love of Christ. No tickets are needed for this event. We look forward to seeing you and pray you will be touched in whatever area your heart needs worked on.


Plan on family dinner at Hoss's at Bedford, Duncansville or Altoona on Sunday, Oct. 28, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. There will be cash cow cards on the welcome table in the sanctuary. This is quite an effortless way for us to raise money for this good mission. These events would not be possible without these fundraisers.



Prayer & Praise Nov. 13


The third event coming up this fall will be the Fall Prayer and Praise meeting. The date is Tuesday, Nov. 13, from 7 to 9 p.m. This is quite an important one. Instead of reaching out to others to hear Gods love, we, as a community, pray in one accord for churches, pastors and leaders, communities, schools and teachers, and our nation. Men and women are welcome to pray and praise together this evening! This event will be located at the Grace Fellowship Activity Center at Leamersville with refreshments!


And you can mark your calendars for the upcoming spring event, Alan and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty are coming to the convention center on Saturday, April 27, 2019. They will have the traditional Teen Girl Party on Friday, the 26th, along with a men and teen Guys Encounter also on the 26th. These both will be at the convention center. More information on event/tickets will come next spring. We look forward to all these events. Hope you can make one or all of them! We ask you to say a prayer over each event as they approach. Thank you!

--Submitted by Connie Ochoa,, Church Representative for Encounter

Guild Again to Aid ‘Operation Christmas Child’


The Women's Guild is organizing a Samaritan's Purse “Operation Christmas Child” Shoebox collection again this year.


Barb Thomas is the co-ordinator for this ministry that benefits children all around the world. Children who receive boxes are followed up by Samaritan Purse volunteers to continue sharing the Gospel. Each box filled with practical and fun surprises is an opportunity for children to experience God's love in a tangible way.


Empty Operation Christmas Child boxes will be available later in October or you may fill regular shoeboxes with one “wow” item – a doll, soccer ball/pump, stuffed animal, vehicle, etc. Complete the box with small toys, school supplies, T-shirt, combs, brushes, etc.


Barb asks that you pray for the child as you pack the box and if desired you may include a personal note and photo of you and/or your family. Each box must include a $9 donation to cover shipping costs. Attach a label which indicates girl, boy and appropriate age for the box you filled & close with a rubber band. Boxes are sealed by the organization before shipping.


You can give online and follow the destination of the shoebox. We will collect the boxes in a designated area in the fellowship room. All boxes must be here by Sunday, Nov. 11, to be delivered to a nearby drop off site. See Barb Thomas if you have questions or want more information.

Youth Selling Candy Bars


St. John’s youth in Deb Bowser’s and Chris Kurt’s Sunday School classes are selling Gardner’s Peanut Butter Meltaway bars to start a youth treasury. They are asking church members to help sell the candy bars. They sell for $1 each. Persons can sign a sheet and pick up the number of bars they hope to sell.

Sunday School Elects New Officers


Prior to Rally Day the Sunday School elected new officers.


Matt Nelson was elected superintendent and Julie Russell was elected secretary. They succeed Brad Gable and Kim Ritchey. Beverly Smith was re-elected treasurer. Brad Gable will be assistant superintendent, and Tina Gojeski will be assistant secretary.

Homewood Auxiliary Bazaar Oct. 4 & 5


Homewood Auxiliary will host its annual fall bazaar from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Oct. 4 and 5, in the Givler Cultural Center.


There will be crafts of all sorts, including candles, quilts, jewelry, flower arrangements, dolls, pillows, woodworking, homemade jams and sauces, seasonal items and more.


Lunch will be available, including hearty soups, sandwiches and homemade baked goods served in the center.


A yard sale will be held the same two days in the Witmer Pavilion from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with lots of furniture, household items and seasonal items.


All proceeds benefit the auxiliary, which purchases items that enhance the lives of Homewood residents.


For more information, call Debbie Pierce, volunteer director at 793-1350.


Bedford Forge UM Plans CROP Walk Oct. 7


The Bedford Forge United Methodist Church will hold a CROP Hunger Walk on the church’s walking path at Yellow Creek at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 7. All who are interested are invited to participate.


A CROP Walk was held last year on the church’s newly acquired land beside the church cemetery. Over $1,000 was collected to benefit CROP, the Church World Service organization that raises money to fight hunger worldwide. The Bedford Forge goal for this year is $1,500.


Participants are asked to collect donations in advance of the walk. Checks should be made payable to CWS/CROP. Contributions are tax deductible.


Funds raised are used to buy such things as chickens, seeds, garden tools and to finance clean water facilities where needed in Indonesia and elsewhere.



Bedford County Life Chain Scheduled Oct. 7

The annual Bedford County Life Chain will take place Sunday, Oct. 7, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.


Signs may be picked up at the Bedford Elementary School parking lot beginning at 2 p.m. The Life Chain will stretch along Business Route 220 from the elementary school to St. Thomas Catholic Church at the corner of Penn and Richard streets. Life Chain is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life Americans standing in honor of 59 million lives lost to abortion. Bottled water, lawn chairs, umbrellas and strollers are welcome. For more information call 839-4806.

Who We Are 

This month’s Jottings features Amy and Aaron Gable and family. Each month one family, couple or individual from St. John’s is asked to write about themselves so that we all may get to know each other better.

Aaron and Amy Gable met at a young age while participating in Guernsey cow events. Amy and Aaron have been married since July 21, 2006. They were married in Amy’s home church, Westfield Presbyterian Church in Enon Valley, Pa.


Amy grew up in Enon Valley (Lawrence County) with her parents Dave and Debbie Liggett, younger sister Holly, and younger brother Andrew. Amy attended Mohawk High School, where she participated in several activities such as cheerleading, track (where she won many medals for sprinting events) and performed in six high school musicals. Amy started taking voice lessons in 8th grade. Her love of singing led her to study vocal performance at Dana’s School of Music at Youngstown State University. While at YSU Amy performed in four operas, her favorite being Madam Butterfly.


Aaron has attended St. John’s Reformed Church since infancy. Aaron grew up on Snider Homestead Farm with his parents Brad and Berneta Gable and younger sister Kendy. Aaron attended Northern Bedford High School, where he enjoyed playing football and basketball. Aaron’s basketball team was in the final four state championships in 1998.


Amy and Aaron have three children. Bella Sue was born on Sept.3, 2007. Bella enjoys reading, drawing, and learning about technology. She is involved in many activities at Northern Bedford. She plays softball, soccer and basketball. She also is a Panther Youth Cheerleader.


Amy and Aaron welcomed their second child, Blaire Ann, on April 1, 2010. Blaire is very passionate about gymnastics. She attends gymnastics at Garver YMCA two nights a week. While not at the YMCA, Blaire can be found doing flips wherever she is. Blaire also is a Panther Youth Cheerleader and plays softball and soccer.


Cannon David was born on Sept. 24, 2014. He just turned 4 and enjoys playing with his chickens and riding on the Kubota with his daddy and looking for deer.

The entire Gable family enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. Yellow Creek (the stream behind the church) is the family’s favorite fishing spot.


Amy, Bella and Blaire all enjoy singing for the glory of God. They have sung together and individually at St. John’s and at other local churches. Amy hopes that someday she will get her family of five to sing together at church.

SS Hears Report on Boy It Supports in Ecuador


The Sunday School received a report recently on one of the two children that the Sunday School supports in Latin America through the agency called Children International (CI). The report was on 15- year-old Lenin Saul Diaz Asimbaya. He speaks Spanish.


Lenin lives in Quito, Ecuador, with his parents in a community where most families survive on incomes that average around $359 a month. According the CI report, the unemployment rate is high. Because many parents struggle to find a steady job, when they do find consistent work, most adults are bricklayers, maids and laborers. Lenin’s father, Jose, is a brick layer. His mother, Teresa, is a maid. They usually average about $400 a month income, depending on the availability of work.


The family lives in a house constructed of concrete walls, concrete floor and a concrete roof. It has a living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms. Lenin sleeps on a wooden bed. Cooking facilities consist of a gas stove. The home has electricity and running water.


Teens in Quito who are enrolled in secondary school receive school supplies. They have access to free doctors, dental care and affordable medicines. The schools offer computer-skills courses, helping interested teens learn how to use technology and be more competitive in school. Libraries and computers are available in community centers, providing resources to support teens’ need to complete their homework and get better grades. CI provides a parental support program with workshops for caregivers and children, teaching topics such as family values, family dialogue and life planning. CI also provides a nutrition education program, using community gardens to encourage families to plant, cultivate and cook healthy foods.

Women Learn from Ruth & Naomi at

12th Annual 4-Cs Retreat at Sequanota

Deb Bowser, Brenda Colyer, Mava Cottle, Peggy Ritchey, Sandy Styer, Peg Wachter and Barb Thomas, along with guests Peg Crawford, Jean Guyer, LouAnn Kurtz and Jeanette Slater attended the 12th annual 4-Cs’ Ladies Fall Retreat at Sequanota Conference Center near Jennerstown on Sept. 14-15.


Numbers were down but spirits were high as the women greeted dear sisters-in-Christ in a weekend filled with praise, prayer, Bible study, games, fellowship and great food! Following a picnic supper (how did we have more food with fewer ladies?!!!), Carol Deremer led the first evening session, based on Ruth, Chapter 1. We discussed the “building materials” or situations the women dealt with — famine, loss of husbands, no shelter, being separated. We also dealt with similar “Ruth” situations. Carol stressed that the common foundation Ruth and Naomi had was God, in “Your God and your people will be my God and my people.” We began building our own “Cozy Lodge” with a Lincoln log for the foundation to represent the wisdom of a foundation built on faith in God, writing a favorite Bible verse or message on the bottom of the log.


Myra Whysong-Krentz led a second session to teach the words “uprooted, discombobulated, frustrated.” The small groups each began a board or card game. Every 7-8 minutes Myra instructed participants to move to the next game, playing where the last group left off. Sometimes we were just catching on to the rules when we had to move again. It was a time of laughter and fun, but also deepened our understanding of the constant change in the lives of Ruth and Naomi.


We gathered in circle time, sang a few songs and shared stories from the past year. If you see Bertha Dibert from Beaverdale, ask her about her great chicken story! Eventually we drifted off to bed as we became sleepy, although night owls Peg Wachter and Jean Guyer talked until 2:30 a.m.


Voluntary individual devotions began at 7 a.m. served with fresh coffee or hot tea. Patti Deal began the morning Bible study in Ruth 2. We considered the qualities of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. Ruth was faithful, a willing worker. Naomi was thankful, appreciative, dependent and softened (from Mara, meaning bitter). Boaz was giving, generous and Godly. At this time we added log walls to our foundation log to remind us that we can be walls of support and encouragement to others.


We were given instructions for a special session in any free time throughout the day to walk inside and outside the center — front and back porch, bedroom, rec room, gathering room, etc. — stopping here and there in individual prayer. A handout was included with various scripture verses to lead us in these quiet moments with God, allowing Him to draw us closer.


Sequanota served a delicious brunch at 10 a.m. Next we completed a mission craft — Bean & Barley Soup Mix, nicely packaged, that could be given to one in need. Through God's provision, Ruth and Naomi had enough barley to eat in a time of poverty and need.


Myra wrapped up the study of Ruth with Chapters 3 and 4. Naomi gave Ruth some strange advice, telling Ruth to get dressed up, go to the threshing floor, uncover Boaz's feet after he fell asleep and lie at his feet. Would you follow such advice from your mother-in-law?!!! It led to Boaz redeeming Ruth, providing the protection Ruth needed. God offers us the protection we need by offering us the gift of salvation through Jesus. We placed a roof on our log cabin to symbolize the “roof” (covering or protection) we have in Jesus, our Redeemer, our Refuge and our Strength.


Barb Thomas led a closing worship of singing and prayer. All expressed words of affirmation, love and encouragement to each other, ending with our focus on Jesus, Beautiful One! A date was not confirmed by Sequanota for next year. The group will return there next fall if possible. In the meantime Barb will inquire into other venues. Members opted again to suspend a 4-Cs ladies spring meeting in 2019. Ladies are encouraged to attend the Chestnut Ridge Independent Fellowship Church Ladies Retreat on Saturday, March 16, 2019, and also the Ladies Encounter event on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the Blair County Convention Center.

--Respectfully submitted, Barb Thomas, 4 C's ladies fellowship leader.

Rally Day Celebrates Sunday School Growth


The Rally Day committee, Kim Rodgers and Joy Nelson, presented gifts and recognition on Sunday, Sept. 16. Rally Day originated many years ago to call back families to church and Sunday School following busy summer vacations. St. John's Reformed Church has followed this tradition for decades to promote the importance of a Christian education.


Kim Rodger noted that Sunday School attendance has grown over the last three years with 68 names in the enrollment books for 2017-18 and 49 percent regular attendance.


She noted that “rally” means “to draw all together for a common purpose,” in this case to learn God’s word. “At one time,” she said, “people with perfect and faithful attendance stretched across the front of the church and halfway back the side aisles. We understand times have changed,” she continued, “but God’s word is constant... One of my personal goals as a parent is to instill in m boys that their spiritual education and growth is just as important as their academic education. I send my boys to school to prepare them for their life. In the same way I bring them to church and Sunday School to prepare them for their eternity. I do believe it is that important.”

Joy Nelson cited scripture passages that speak of the importance of Christian education from the very young to the very old and emphasized the responsibility of parents to teach their children Bible lessons “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise.” (Deut. 6:6-7)


Perfect attendance recognition was given to four adults who missed no Sundays this past year except when illness kept them away. Seven more missed 10 or fewer Sunday. All these were given key chains with a small tool containing multiple mini screw drivers. All adults received bookmarks.


All children received a small Bible School coloring book and the teens received pens. All Sunday school officers, teachers, substitutes and assistants were recognized with pens and notebooks.


Kim and Joy expressed thanks for the parents' commitment to help their children's spiritual journey with regular church and Sunday School attendance as well as instructing them at home.


Those adults with perfect or faithful attendance were Wayne Kagarise, David Snyder, June and Charles Mountain, Peg Wachter, Matt and Joy Nelson, Steve and Kim Rodgers, and Pastor Dave and PeggyAnne Meckley.


Adults receiving honorable mention (missed fewer than 10 Sundays) were Chris and Chelsea Kurtz, Connie Ochoa, Deb Bowser, Alaina Gates, Beverly Smith, Barb Thomas and Brad Gable.


Teens and children honored for faithful attendance were Ethan Hess, Jude and Janelle Nelson and Grayson Rodgers. Those with honorable mention attendance were Malachi, Ivy and Solomon Ochoa and Mallory and Darcy Gates.


Kim and Joy also recognized the Sunday School teachers, commending them for their commitment, the many hours of their own time spent preparing lessons, decorating their classrooms and actually teaching. Each teacher was presented a gift. They are Beth Clark, nursery; PeggyAnne Meckley, ages 3-5; Barb Thomas and Alaina Gates, Grades 1- 4; Deb Bowser, Grades 5-7; and Chris Kurtz, Grads 8-12. Teachers of the three adult class classes are Pastor Meckley, Peg Wachter and Wayne Kagarise. Substitute teachers were (and continue to be) Connie Ochoa, Lori Garman, Molly Shirk, Aaron Ochoa, Steve Rodgers, Kim Rodgers and Berneta Gable.


Recognition also was given to the following officers of the past year: Brad Gable, superintendent; Steve Rodgers, assistant superintendent; Beverly Smith, treasurer; Tina Gojeski and Kim Ritchey, secretary; and Ethan Hess, unofficial substitute secretary.

Love INC Holds Appreciation Breakfast


The Love In The Name of Christ Appreciation Breakfast was held Thursday Sept. 20, at the Christian Fellowship Church located on Route 56 near Fishertown.


Peg Wachter and Kim Ritchey attended, representing St. John’s. Pastor Dan Oldham welcomed the group and Bev Patton offered the blessing. A delicious breakfast was served cafeteria style after which the ministry reports were given by Bev Patten, executive director; Aimee Stead, clearinghouse coordinator; Monty Bulger, ministry center assistant; and Trisha Morse, God’s Harbor Homes coordinator. Bev also gave some building updates. Work is progressing on the transformational housing and also on the pole building behind the yard sale building.


Upcoming Events are:

•Fall Foliage Classic Race on Saturday, Oct. 13, at Shawnee State Park. Volunteers are needed at 7 a.m. for set-up and registration. The race begins at 8:30.

•Yard Sale Ministry open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Last Thursday of each month is $3 Bag Day. Volunteers are needed.

•Hoss’s Day will be Sunday, Oct. 28, at Bedford. Coupons will be available on the welcome table.

•The 24th annual Love INC fundraising banquet will be another “NO SHOW BANQUET.”

•The live nativity will be held at the Ministry Center on Saturday, Nov. 24th. Helpers are needed to set up scenes at 9 a.m. Also Volunteers of all ages to assist at different scenes; tour guides, live animals and homemade cookies. Contact the Ministry Center if you can help in any way. Phone 652-0025.


The closing prayer was given by Aimee Stead.

Submitted by Peg Wachter


Northern Bedford Food Pantry requests for the month of October are boxed stuffing and canned cranberry sauce. You may want to add your own ideas to this list and bring your donations in for the Harvest Home table on Oct. 21. The table will be set up by Saturday, Oct. 20, in the front of the sanctuary. All non-perishable foods are welcome, including fresh fruits and produce.


The Food Pantry is not planning a fund-raising dinner and auction this year as it has the past several Octobers.

St. John’s Singers Practice with Cove Community Chorus


Four members of St. John’s again this fall are rehearsing with the Cove Community Chorus for its Christmas concert scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m and Sunday, Nov. 18, at 2 p.m. in the Spring Cove Middle School auditorium.


Those members are Peg Wachter, Wayne Kagarise, Beverly Smith and Birch Snider. The concert is entitled “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Tickets are $8 and can be purchased from any chorus member and also at Burget’s Hardware in Curryville; Mamie’s Café in Martinsburg; and the Roaring Spring Department Store.

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