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June Newsletter

God's Design Reflects Community

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” –Acts 2:42
Just after the birth of the church, Scripture cites three of the church’s four activities involve elements of worship: preaching, prayer and the sacrament (“breaking of bread”). The fourth (actually second) foundational element from earliest church life is fellowship. Clearly, community in a church is not optional. Our church fellowship is a reflection of the Trinity. Our Triune God, in His Oneness, lives in community; perfect fellowship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Three, yet One.
When God created us “in His image,” the one thing in all God’s creation that was not good was the fact that Adam was alone (Genesis 2:18). Adam lacked community. Adam’s unhindered fellowship with God was not enough. When God created woman, there was joy unspeakable; and baby makes three. God’s design for humanity, for families, and certainly for His church, reflects His very nature: community.
This sort of community requires more than sharing a few hours together on Sunday morning. Dr. Tony Evans notes that most new members become inactive in their first six months at a church because no relational bond was established. Those who stay and become active point to their relationship with another member. The reason people stay at a church, serve, lead, and give are all based on relationship: their relationship with God and their relationship with others. Bonds between people help solidify members’ commitment to a particular church far more significantly than any pastor, worship leader or program.
On Pentecost Sunday, June 9, we will welcome two new members into the fellowship of St John’s Reformed Church through the Rite of Confirmation. We also anticipate receiving additional members by letter of transfer from other congregations. In these services, each one of us will promise our “friendship and prayers as we share the hopes and ministries of the church of Jesus Christ.” We are blessed to see our church family continue to grow. Each one of us is essential in contributing to the health of our fellowship. God bless you in your faithfulness to Christ and His Church!
Because He lives,
Dave Meckley, Pastor
4-Cs Sunday Will Be Observed June 2
On Sunday, June 2, we will receive a special offering for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC). The CCCC is a lean organization that is having a profound impact for the health of the church and the pastors that serve local churches as well as the larger work of the Kingdom of God with global impact. The CCCC is committed to Biblical integrity in this rapidly changing culture. Some of the Guiding Values that shape CCCC endeavors include:
A Culture of Believing Prayer and Intercession
Prayer is foundational to what we do as the CCCC. The Church is to come before the Lord continually with spiritual sacrifices of praise (Hebrews 13:15), the sacrifice of our own lives (Romans 12:1), and fervent intercession for one another and for His Kingdom to come in this world (1 Peter 5:7 and James 5:13-18)!
Healthy Pastors
Pastors are shepherds, or rather “under-shepherds” who follow Christ, The Good Shepherd Who lays down His life for us, His sheep. Healthy pastors are a key ingredient for healthy churches.
Healthy Disciple-making Churches 
The New Testament teaches that the Church lies at the very center of the eternal purpose of God. The Church is God’s new community, His household. Christ died “to purify for Himself a people that are his very own” (Titus 2:14). So the Church is called out of the world to belong to God, but it is also sent back into the world to witness and to serve. Our mission is modeled on the mission of Jesus. It is an incarnational mission of going into the world to make disciples who will love God and love others and multiply. The picture of “healthy” church life” as described in Acts (2:42-47, 11:19-30, and 13:1-3), was a body of believers devoted to apostolic teaching, sharing life and mission together, worship and Communion, and prayer.
Next Communion June 9
Holy communion will be held during the 9:30 a.m. worship service on June 9, Pentecost Sunday. The consistory moved the date from July to have communion coincide with confirmation when two young people will be receiving their first communion along with the congregation. Communion will be at the chancel rail.
Pentecost Sunday to Feature Confirmation of 2 Youths
On June 9, Pentecost Sunday, two youth from the congregation will be confirmed.
Cayden Garman and Mikayla Widmann have been enrolled in a confirmation class taught by Pastor Meckley throughout the school year, meeting Sunday afternoons at the church.
Cayden is the son of Joel and Lori Garman, and Mikayla is the daughter of Jessica Widmann and Bryan Smith. Cayden is the grandson of Josephine Garman, and Mikayla is the granddaughter of Rick and Beverly Smith.
At the same service St. John’s will be celebrating its summer communion with the elements served at the altar rail.
June 9
5-Evening Bible School Begins June 9
Please join us for this year’s Vacation Bible School, “In the Wild.” All children through sixth grade are welcome. Please see Beverly Smith for a registration form. We will be studying a story about Jesus each night, zooming in and focusing on how Jesus ministered while on earth, and learning how we can share the gospel with those around us. We will meet each night from 5:45 to 8:00 p.m., starting Sunday, June 9, and ending Thursday, June 13.
Our offering collected throughout the week of VBS will be given to Jacob’s Way, a rehabilitation program that shares Jesus and helps men who are coming out of incarceration, for whatever reason, to transition back into society and get back on their feet. Anyone interested in helping with VBS or with any questions can contact Joy Nelson or Sarah Gunnett, who are co-directors this year. Thanks, and we hope to see you there!
VBS Letter to Parents and Grandparents
Dear Parents and Grandparents,
We are excited to have your child(ren) participate in our Vacation Bible School from June 9-13! This year’s theme is “In the Wild,” all about snapshots of Jesus, as we walk through the New Testament and zoom in and focus on Jesus. Please try to have your children to the church at 5:45 p.m., as we will have activity-packed evenings that will include a time of singing and worship, a Bible story and missions lesson, a craft, snack, and games. We look forward to a fun week as we learn more about Jesus and proclaim the gospel.
We will have an offering every night, with Tuesday, June 11th, being our traditional “Penny Day.” On that night everyone is encouraged to bring pennies for the offering. We will be giving our VBS week’s offering to the ministry Jacob’s Way, which helps to rehabilitate men who were incarcerated back into society, while also teaching them about Jesus.
Thursday evening, June 13th, will be our closing program. Please come with your child(ren) at 5:45 p.m. to learn about some of the activities, lessons, and songs the children have been engaging in all week. While we enjoy working with the children, we also rely on parents/families to support their children and be engaged in what their children are doing and are learning. So we’d appreciate your attendance. Discipleship is important to see our children grow in their relationship with and knowledge of Christ, and the best place to disciple is within your own home. You have more influence on your children than anyone else! Following the activities and program on the closing evening, we will have light refreshments in the downstairs fellowship room for all to enjoy.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Joy Nelson, co-director, at 814-931-4543 or or Sarah Gunnett, codirector, at 724-963-9706. Please submit your registration forms to Beverly Smith by June 2nd. You may call Bev at 224-4213 or email her at for more registration information. You can reach Pastor David Meckley at 766-2500. We welcome children of all ages to attend. If your child is younger than preschool, we do ask that a parent/guardian stay with him/her throughout the evening. If you do not currently have a church you regularly attend, we would encourage you to consider joining us at St. John’s for our Sunday morning services, which start at 9:30 a.m. We also have Sunday school classes for adults and children at 10:45 a.m.
We look forward to seeing you!
-St. John’s Reformed Church VBS Directors & Staff
Time to Focus on Storm Window Replacement
St. John’s Consistory met at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, in the copy room of the church. Various topics were discussed during the meeting. Pastor Meckley and Joel Ritchey attended a breakfast for pastors and church leaders at Freedom House Ministries at Chalybeate Springs in Bedford. It is a new Christian based drug and alcohol program opening possibly, this summer. As more information comes in we will share in the event we would like to consider this program as one of our missions.
A big shout out to Cameron Garman who will be graduating May 30 from Northern Bedford High School. CONGRATULATIONS Cameron!!! The pastor will be offering prayer at the baccalaureate service on May 28.
The consistory thanks everyone who made contributions to our new sound system. We transferred $2,000 from the building fund to cover the final costs. In addition, a motion was made and approved to purchase a device that will enable us to use cell phones to play music through the sound system. This will come in handy for special music, children’s programs, weddings and other special events where different types of music are required.
Now it is time to focus on the storm windows that need replaced. As we reported last fall the cost of the repairs is on the upward side of $13,000. Since we just invested that amount into the sound system we are again counting on the organizations in the church as well as each individual to help us raise the funds required to complete the job. Whether it is a fundraiser or and extra dollar in the offering plate, we need your help.
A couple of other items in no particular order:
•There is still time to register if you would like to represent St. John’s as a lay delegate at the CCCC conference in St. Paul, Minn., in July.
•There is some turnover in the Chinese Outreach Ministry in State College (one of our missions) as Kirk Zurcher is taking an administrative position and transferring to Harrisburg.
•Lastly, the Consistory approved a $500 donation to the Bible School. The check will be given to the Sunday School earmarked for Bible School.
Please join us at our next meeting on June 6, 2019, at 7 p.m. in the copy room.
Submitted by Joel Ritchey, consistory president
Fund Raiser for Love INC ​Sunday, June 23 at Hoss’s
Love in the Name of Christ will partner with Hoss’s Steak & Sea House, Bedford, for a fund-raiser on Sunday, June 23. Certificates can be picked up on the welcome table that diners may use that day to have 20 to 25 percent of their check go to Love INC.
Guild Program: ‘Hearing God’s Voice’
Connie Ochoa began her program, entitled “Hearing God’s Voice in Everyday Life,” with a personal reflection of how she sometimes hears or sees something in this world that “hits” her — “that’s God,” she declared. “He who has ears, let him hear” appears seven times in the Gospels, she noted, added to several variations later for a total of 14 times in the New Testament. “Listening to God’s voice is import!” she asserted. Connie shared four ways to know if you are hearing God’s voice from notes she took from a Kenneth Copeland message and her own personal reflection:
1. Check your receiver. “And you will seek for me and find me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13.
2. Find His frequency. “They know His voice.” John 10:27. Finding the right frequency can take patience, like tuning those old radios. We get lots of static from distractions. We must be able to hear His voice in small things as well as big productions.
3. Learn to discern His voice. “My sheep hear His voice,” John 10:27. The simple truth is that to discern whether the voice you are hearing is yours, the devil’s or God’s, spend time with the Lord ... a lot of time, reading the Bible, praying and listening.
4. Line it up with His Word. “All scripture is inspired by God,” 2 Timothy 3:16. God will never tell you to do, to think, to say anything contrary to His word. Check your responses first with scripture. God has made a covenant and signed it with the precious blood of Jesus — God doesn’t lie.
Connie made a great analogy using a Star Wars movie (Rogue One), as one character crossed through battle repeating, “I am one with the force, the force is with me.” As Christians, we are one with God, His Spirit. God (His Spirit) is with me. “We can hear God’s voice in everyday life if we stay tuned to His station — just listen!” Connie concluded.
Peggy Ritchey called the business meeting to order. Beverly Smith gave a brief treasurer’s report. Several upcoming events and praises were included in old business:
1. Mava, Barb and Linda will serve refreshments for the dedication of the nearby Route 36 bridge over Three Spring Run on May 24. The bridge will be dedicated to Marine Lance Cpl. Darrell Magruder and the dedication will take place in the church. His sister, Mary Grace Greenleaf, asked the guild to serve refreshments to the dignitaries and guests. The committee will set up/make sandwiches at 12:30. Anyone who would like to help is welcome.
2. The silver service pieces were sold at the Discarded Treasure sale and have found good homes! The total sales that day were over $500 which was donated toward the new sound system.
3. Peg Wachter gave a brief report on the Love INC fund-raising banquet. Four people from St. John’s attended. One memorable speaker told of his journey from a music teacher to homelessness and the blessings the Love INC ministry is to those who fall on hard times.
4. A new electric stove has been donated to the guild from an anonymous donor. The guild gratefully accepts this gift as our old electric stove has seen bette days!
In new business, the guild will be hosting Homewood’s Springfield birthday party on Friday, May 31. Barb, Mava and Linda are organizing this outing of cupcakes, ice cream, chips, pretzels and birthday gifts for residents with May birthdays. Barb encouraged all to attend and bring kids. “The residents love talking with children,” she said.
Peggy Ritchey thanked all who attended and participated in the Mother/Daughter Banquet. It was suggested that the microphones be put to better use next time as several guests had a difficult time hearing some of the commentary and singing.
Guild members in attendance all affirmed their best intentions to help and support Bible school, the directors, teachers and staff.
The next meeting will be our fellowship meal at Homewood on Friday, July 12, at 6 p.m. It has been confirmed that we will be meeting in the library near the Café. Please bring a covered dish as we share a special evening visiting with Homewood residents who have a connection to St. John’s Reformed Church. If you have a relative or friend we can invite, please see Peggy Ritchey or Barb Thomas.
Hostesses Alaina Gates and Barb Thomas served a buffet of ingredients for each to make her own grilled chicken salad, plus cheese, crackers and candy. Patriotic decorations adorned the tables in honor of Memorial Day. Lemonade was served and the meal was complete with Alaina’s amazing home made angel food cake, accompanied with a fresh fruit compote. A great time of fellowship was had by all.
Present were Peg Wachter, Kim Rodgers, Julie Russell, Alaina Gates, Connie Ochoa, Sandy Styer, Beverly Smith, Peggy Ritchey and Barb Thomas.
--Respectfully submitted, Barb Thomas, assistant secretary
Bridge Named for Marine Killed in Vietnam
A bridge on Route 36 built over Three Spring Run last year just north of Loysburg was officially named on May 24 for Darrell Z. Magruder, who died in April 1966, three days after being wounded when he stepped on a land mine in DaNang, Vietnam. Darrell was the son of the late Helen Imler and stepson of the late Harry Imler.
He attended Sunday School at St. John’s as a boy. He quit school before graduating from Northern Bedford High School and joined the Marine Corps. After serving one tour of duty in Vietnam, he signed for a second tour just three months before he died at the age of 21. He was the first Bedford County serviceman to die of wounds received in active duty in Vietnam.
State Rep. Jesse Topper sponsored legislation to have the bridge named in Magruder’s honor by PennDOT.
Darrell’s brothers and sister posing with his photo and the sign that will be placed at the bridge are (left to right) Richard Hall, Ronald Magruder, Mary Grace Greenleaf, Wilbur Imler and Kenneth Hall. The dedication service took place at St. John’s.
Mother’s Day Offering Nets $566 for Homewood
The annual Mother’s Day offering for Homewood Retirement Centers brought in $566 at St. John’s this year.
Similar offerings are received from many churches in three associations of the United Church of Christ in Pennsylvania and Maryland and from a number of Reformed and independent churches in the region.
The money goes into Homewood’s benevolent fund to continue care for residents whose own resources have been depleted. During 2018, Homewood used more than $13 million from the benevolent fund to provide care and unreimbursed services for residents at its four nursing and assisted living facilities. Residents of the Martinsburg facility received $4,380,434 in unreimbursed services from this fund.
Who We Are
This month’s Jottings features
Josh and Sarah Gunnett of Roaring Spring
and their children, Lucy and Asher
Josh is the son of Jeff and Renee Gunnett and the grandson of Ron and Jean Gunnett and Janet Bush. He was born in Altoona and has lived in Clappertown, Martinsburg, Mount Joy, Millville, Elizabethtown, and Roaring Spring. Josh went to high school at Central but graduated from Elizabethtown in 2007, where he ran cross county and track. He graduated from Geneva College in 2011 with a B.S. in Engineering. He also ran cross county in college. Out of college Josh worked for HRG in Pittsburgh before returning to the Cove in December 2014. Josh enjoys running, fly fishing, hiking, camping, and racing around with Lucy and Asher.
Sarah is the daughter of John and Beth Cook and the granddaughter of the late Ralph and Margret Cook and Pete and Marlene Broskey. She is the third child in a family of ten children, she has a twin sister and proudly declares herself the oldest of the two even though only by a minute. Sarah was born in Uniontown and grew up within in a ten-mile radius of Uniontown. Sarah was homeschooled and graduated high school in 2007.
She has worked various jobs throughout her life, a full-time nanny, a cashier at a grocery store, farmhand and produce seller at a produce farm, and a manager at a sporting clays range at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Currently she’s doing her favorite job, the one she always longed and prayed for; she stays at home raising and teaching Lucy and Asher and taking care of Josh. Sarah enjoys being outside, swimming, running, hiking, fly fishing, camping, and being a mother and wife.
Josh and Sarah met in 2014 on the dating website Farmers Only (just kidding, it was Christian Mingle). They dated for five months and were engaged and married within 6 months of meeting. They lived together in Beaver Falls for a month before God opened the door to be able to move back to the Cove by providing Josh a job at the engineering firm Gwin, Dobson & Foreman and Sarah a job at Grabill and Seelye Law Firm. At this same time, they learned they were expecting their first child and have continued to be amazed at God’s timing and providence ever since
 On July 20, 2015, they were excited to meet Lucy Grace for the first time. Then on June 12, 2017, they welcomed Asher Grace to the family. The girls have been a spirited and welcome addition to the family. On sunny days you can find both girls and their puppy Rufus playing outside, running through the yard or splashing in the pool together. Lucy and Asher, like their parents, enjoy running, hiking, camping and fishing (Asher just isn’t thrilled with touching the fish).
Josh grew up attending a number of different Christian & Missionary Alliance churches with his family. Most recently Sarah was attending and a member of Covenant Baptist Church in Uniontown. After marrying, Josh and Sarah had searched for a home church together, attending New Life in East Freedom before finding St. John’s, where their search ended. While both Josh and Sarah were led to salvation in Christ at a young age, Sarah found a gospel-centered church with an emphasis on the reformed theology at an earlier point in her life than Josh. It wasn’t until after attending Geneva College and totally rejecting the reformed theology, that through personal studying, research, and arguing (with Sarah), God opened Josh’s eyes and brought him to the point where he now holds the same views he once rejected. Again, another way that both Josh and Sarah laugh at how God has shaped and prepared them for each other and for life.
While both have had their times of doubt and indiscretion, they are excited to be in this place and time that God has placed them and are excited to share and continue this journey at St. John’s!
Cameron Garman was honored during the worship service on May 19. He is scheduled to graduate from Northern Bedford High School on May 30. Shown here with Pastor Dave Meckley, Cameron told of plans to continue his education at Allegany College of Maryland at the Bedford County campus in Everett. He will study forestry in hopes of a career as a loggger or forester. Cameron is the son of Joel and Lori Garman and the grandson of Josephine Garman, all of rural New Enterprise.
Copies of Our Daily Bread, the daily devotional guide for the June, July and August quarter, are available for all to pick up from the welcome table.
The booklets are made available by the Women’s Guild. If you can’t get to church, ask someone to deliver a booklet to you.
5-Kitchen band.jpg
Mothers, Daughters Hear Kitchen Band
The annual Mother/Daughter Banquet was held in the Fellowship Hall on Friday, May 3, at 6:30 p.m. Sixty-one adults, five children, ages 5 to 12, and six babies enjoyed a delicious chicken dinner prepared by the ladies and gentlemen of the Bedford Forge United Methodist Church.
The committee — Mava Cottle, chairman, Beth Clark, Debbie Bowser, PeggyAnne Meckley, and Brenda Colyer chose a kitchen theme this year. Each lady received a wooden spoon and sponges.
The Guild honored Ellen Swope on her recent retirement as church custodian. For many years Ellen kept our church clean and neat, and more important was her kindness and friendship to all of us. Many of her daughters and granddaughters were present to honor her as well.
Entertainment followed the meal. Mava directed the kitchen band as they played an assortment of instruments such as washboards, spoons, jar rings, mixers and jars. Marian Grassmyer accompanied on the piano. As they played, they sang three songs — "Tiptoe thru the Tulips," "Has Anybody Seen My Guy?" and “I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover." Some Grand Old Opry jokes were told by the ladies as they portrayed Hee Haw and Grand Old Opry characters. Those in the kitchen band were — Mava Cottle, Beth Cottle, PeggyAnne Meckley, Brenda Colyer, Debbie Bowser, Beth Clark, Sandy Styer, and Peggy Ritchey. All joined in to close by singing "Amazing Grace."
--Submited by Peggy Ritchey, guild president
Bill Lewis Passes In Johnstown at 88
William J. Lewis Jr., 88, died May 1 at Conemaugh Medical Center, Johnstown.
Bill, his wife Lois and their daughter Mary moved to Loysburg from Johnstown after his retirement from Dale National Bank. Bill was attracted to this area by its fishing streams. The family attended St. John’s until about seven years ago when they moved back to Johnstown.
Bill is survived by his wife of 55 years, and his daughter Mary Ellen. Their address is 265 Arbutus Ave., Johnstown, PA 15904.
Guild Looks to Keep Kitchen Stocked
St. John’s Womens Guild at a recent meeting discussed ways to keep the kitchen stocked with supplies that are used by the guild and other groups.
It was noted that while the guild supplies kitchen goods, they are being used faster than in the past and have been depleted when needed for church dinner events. To avoid confusion and to ensure all are made to feel welcome to enjoy coffee, tea, cups and other supplies for all occasions, such as Sunday School, youth, meetings, etc., the guild will continue to stock the kitchen of paper products, coffee and tea. Barb Thomas will take inventory regularly and purchase supplies for the guild. Julie Russell suggested Sunday School members bring their own personal mugs to save on paper products. Kim Rodgers suggested a donation can in the kitchen for those regularly using supplies to help the guild purchase needed items. It was agreed those suggestions are Sunday School business items. Members were reminded that paper products for the restrooms are under church responsibility and those bills should be submitted to Cathy Snider. Also, when the church is reserved for personal use, the parties reserving the kitchen/fellowship hall are expected to provide their own supplies.
The Northern Bedford Food Pantry is requesting donations of peanut butter, jelly and other spreads for June.
Any other donations of non-perishable food are gladly accepted (please check the expiration date).
Donations can be left in the box on the back pew in the sanctuary. Monetary donations can be mailed to Janis Slick, treasurer, 131 Hipples Cave Rd., Woodbury, PA 16695. Checks should be made payable to Northern Bedford Food Pantry
5-ded smile.jpg
Child Dedication May 12
20th Encounter Features Duck Dynasty Couple
This year's 20th Spring Encounter featured Alan and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Friday, April 26th was the teen girl's event with Lisa held downstairs at the Convention Center. It was said to have been well attended. First ever was a men/teen guy event held upstairs at the same time as the girl talk, about 200 guys attended, including our Pastor Dave. Both Alan and Lisa mingled and fit right in with our rural folk.
On Saturday the big event, “Hope For Any Situation,” was held. In the first session Lisa spoke to the ladies. Her steady southern voice was easy to follow as she narrated a well known story of the Bible. Lisa was open and honest in saying people believe what they hear, both now and in Jesus time. John 8 starts out about an adulteress caught in the act. Why did she do what she did? Who was the man she was caught with? She must have felt the horrifying guilt that comes with being caught. All these questions were brought alive in that moment with Lisa. She had us imagining this moment.
She said there is a reason people do what they do. Things happen to us, they will send us down a path, Satan will set traps. When Lisa prayed, every door opened was honesty. She then took us back to the story of how Jesus said "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Our sins are never too deep for Jesus to forgive. We can go through desperate times and if we have hope in Jesus, that is all that matters. When we forgive others, it releases their hold on us. It's about the work God is doing in us. Lisa also spoke of the woman at Jesus feet. She was desperate for God's healing and forgiveness. She had no invitation, but she was desperate for Him. Jesus is the only one who can heal. The woman truly believed that, and we can too.
We St. John's ladies--Peg Wachter, Barb Thomas, Brenda Colyer, Jeanne Detwiler and Connie Ochoa had conversations and lunch with five acquaintances from Saxton and the Raven Run Church.
After lunch, it was time for the Robertsons to speak together. It was nice to hear them share their stories. They conversed with each other as they told of their life. The afternoon was more light-hearted, but all the glory kept pointing to God. Alan wasn't always a good Christian and neither was Lisa. As they told their story one could tell God was knocking at their hearts from the beginning. He was setting them up for where they are now. They truly have a beautifully authentic story to tell as they witness Gods love.
Submitted by Connie Ochoa, Encounter representative for St. John’s
Love INC Has Cause to Rejoice: 25th Banquet
The annual fundraising banquet for Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC) was held Tuesday, May 14, at Crossroads Bible Church near Bedford. This was the 25th year for the banquet, which was very well attended by pastors, volunteers and others affiliated with the ministry. The evening began with the worship video “Rejoice, the Lord is King.” Bev Patten, executive director, welcomed the group and Pastor Larry Raughley gave the blessing. A delicious meal of roasted turkey breast with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rigatoni in marinara sauce with cheese, vegetable medley, garden salad, rolls and butter and petite cupcakes, lemon bars and petite cheesecakes. An anniversary cake was also served.
Barry Dallara spoke about the beginnings of Love INC in Bedford County. He said a group of men in the Chestnut Ridge area got together and discussed the idea after hearing about Love INC in another area. He remembered approaching the pastors who discouraged them, saying such a thing wasn’t needed. The group pressed on and Love in the Name of Christ was born in Bedford County. He talked about the small places where they began. He said Bob Sweet gave a good sum of money to get them off the ground. Bob remained as a board member for many years. 
Bev spoke of rejoicing and celebrating 25 years. She reminisced of the different locations that housed the ministry, some less than ideal, and the blessing of the present site indicating how the ministry has grown.
Jennifer Hillegass shared her story of her involvement with Love INC and how it has changed her life. She told of making a delivery to a woman she knew from high school days who had become a drug addict. She said she had to admit that at first she was a bit judgmental but remembered that this was a person in need of a Savior as she had been. She prayed with her and invited her to church. The woman began attending and accepted Jesus. Sadly this woman was killed while traveling in a southern state. Jennifer said she was consoled by knowing this girl had been saved.
Tim Klas shared his story of how Love INC saved his life. He had been teaching music but because of illness lost his job and was therefore unable to pay his bills and became homeless. Love INC heard of his situation and offered him housing in the transformation home and other amenities. He had been denied disability benefits, and Bev Patten helped him appeal his case. Tim was finally approved and now lives in an apartment and is able to take care of himself. He volunteers at Love INC and is really grateful for the ministry.
Pastor Dan Oldham gave a message titled “Let Us Rejoice in Unity” in which he stressed the importance of unity in the churches and extending to our communities.
An offering was received as those present sang the “New Doxology,” followed by prayer by John Topper. The Ray Boltz video, “Thank You,” was shown and Geof Clark gave closing thoughts and prayer. It was a good and uplifting evening.
Submitted by Peg Wachter
Next Recycle Days June 7, 8
The Bedford County recycle trailers will be at the South Woodbury Township Building Fri-day and Saturday, June 7 and 8.
Paper items accepted include newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail and flattened cardboard. Also accepted will be plastic containers marked as Recyclables No. 1 or No. 2 (separated); aluminum cans; bimetal and tin cans; clear and colored glass bottles and jars. (No window glass)
Two plastics trailers are parked at the township building through-out the month and can be accessed at any time. The trailer containing compartments for other recyclables usually is at the township building by the Friday preceding the second Saturday of the month. Help is available to deposit your recyclables from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month.
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